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Psychiatric Consultations

About the service

We offer holistic assessments of your mental health from our expert Psychiatrists. By the end of this consultation we aim to cover diagnosis and both medication and psychological recommendations for the next steps for you. If needed we will then offer you follow up although for many of our patients these consultations are usually 'one off'.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Integrated physical and mental health assessment from an expert and experienced Consultant Psychiatrist. Diagnoses and formulation of problems will be included in reports, if indicated, along with treatment recommendations.

Medication Recommendations

We provide reviews of existing psychotropic medication plans, and suggest new medication plans for new patients. Physical health needs are always considered in this regard. We can refer you onwards to other specialist allied health care professionals, for example to a dietician.

Psychological Recommendations

Psychological assessment and treatment remains fundamental to recovery from mental illness. We have strong and established links and partnerships with numerous psychology colleagues and clinics, whom we are able to recommend and refer to, if needed. Communication between colleagues is reliable, efficient, and always confidential.