Extremely professional, empathic and engaging

I’m very pleased that Vish was recommended to me. I had one Zoom consultation with him and, despite being slightly nervous and with a speech impediment affected by feelings of pressure, he pretty much immediately put me at ease. He was extremely professional, empathic, engaging, appropriately curious, reassuring and constructive. I felt he got to the heart of the issue very quickly so the meeting was immediately productive and focussed. He pointed me in the right direction for ongoing help and left the door open for further communication should I feel the need.

Name Confidential, July 2021

Far brighter and happier in myself

Vish has been really great with me. He listens when I talk and genuinely takes an interest in me and what I have to say. He talks ‘my language’ and I’m always able to follow and understand him - some medical professionals talk in medical jargon, Vish never does that.

He always calls when he says he’s going to do and always send reports and updates following our calls. He also keeps me updated with my treatment and next steps.

He checks in regularly to make sure I’m fine and links in with the Doctor regarding my medication.

As a result of the intervention by Vish, I’m feeling far brighter and happier in myself. I’m grateful for everything he has done for me, his help has been invaluable.

Name Confidential, June 2021

Holistic Approach

Really appreciated his holistic approach to my treatment – focusing on the medical and psychological link between mind and body. He listened to my history and was able to propose a solution that was innovative and has, thus far, worked.

Name Confidential, December 2021

With this experience, I was extremely reassured

My first contact with you, in May 2020, followed a very unsatisfactory experience with the local Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) , and is my only experience of private health care. My G.P. had sent a detailed referral letter to the CMHT, explaining why it was now appropriate for me to be assessed for possible treatment with medication not usually prescribed by primary care. The letter detailed why I had exhausted talking therapies over many years. The CMHT not only declined to assess me, but did not inform me of this. The CMHT’s letter back to my G.P. also expected me to then self refer to “Talking Helps”, the NHS service. Given the distressing symptoms of chronic anxiety, panic “wake ups” and depression that I was experiencing, I felt doubly lost in a system that would apparently only respond to acute psychosis or real risk of self harm. (per comment by G.P.)

With this experience, I was extremely reassured, in meeting you by “Zoom”, that with you working in NHS acute adult psychiatry, as opposed to all private work, you understood my felt poor experience of the CMHT in my area, and thought I should probably have been assessed by them. You heard my account of my symptoms over many years, how I had engaged on and off with counselling and other psychological help, together with anti depressant medication that can also help with anxiety.

You stressed from the first of what has so far been about five sessions over eighteen months, that I should continue to engage with psychological help (psychotherapy, counselling, and NHS Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) while starting additional medication to help with anxiety and depression. (Pregabalin/Venlafaxine/Mirtazipine).

You explained carefully that I probably did not have a major depressive illness, more a chronic panic disorder as a response to an ended relationship that had brought out a number of issues. You explained that there was no “silver bullet/pill” that would “cure” me, but you reassured me that I had resilience, I made and kept to plans that involved supporting my own relatives in distress as well as keeping to plans for my own recreational interests. You stressed that you ideally wanted to work in partnership with me in suggesting a treatment plan and I agreed that that would be the best way forward. In allowing me to make contact with you about future appointments, you showed confidence that I could share control with my treatment rather than have a set follow up appointment. I trust you explicitly to respect my confidentiality and feel I have made progress as a result of you listening to my concerns and the treatment taken.

I am more than satisfied with the treatment I have received and look forward to continuing until well enough to be “discharged”!

Name Confidential, May 2020

Overall very happy with working with Vish. Thanks

Vish takes the time to listen to my specifics as an individual and involve me in suggested treatment plan.

He has been very accessible to email on quick updates as well as access full sessions He’s encouraged me to spot the signals of on-coming depressions and take early action

He’s also counselled patience when I might expect quicker results but need to stick with the plan.

Overall very happy with working with Vish. Thanks.

Name Confidential

Thank you very much for yesterday


Thank you very much for yesterday. I can't express how much it's helped to have a better understanding of where I'm at and how to move forward. You conducted the consultation amazingly and made me feel incredibly comfortable to communicate feelings I haven't been able to express to the people around me.

I wish you all the best for the future.

Name Confidential, 2022

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