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Adult ADHD Assessments & Diagnosis

About the service

Our specialist psychiatrists are expert in the diagnosis of Adult ADHD. We offer thorough assessments and diagnosis, providing vital clarity and understanding to adults who might have struggled, for years, with everyday tasks, and maintaining relationships and employment. 

This clarity through diagnosis can improve self-esteem, helps others such as friends, families and employers to better understand behaviours, facilitates adjustments and support in educational and occupational settings, and underpins developing effective treatment plans. ADHD treatments may involve psychological, educational, behavioural, social and lifestyle interventions.

If you receive an ADHD diagnosis we are able to arrange follow up to discuss medication initiation and further review. This process can be discussed with you prior to your initial assessment if required.

Please Note:

If prescribed medication: Once you have reached a stable dose treatment can usually continue on the NHS under a shared care agreement, however we are unable to guarantee this. We therefore recommend that you consult you GP in advance of your appointment to see what options are available to you via the NHS, following your private assessment.